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Individual therapy at Stars Counseling starts with a 60 minute intake session focused on exploring your unique needs and concerns. Since every person is different and seeks care for different reasons, you will be treated like an individual, not a number. You can expect to be heard from the start and together, you and Dr. Kelly will establish a plan to address your concerns one by one, at your pace, and with complete transparency and no hidden agenda. Dr. Kelly accepts several insurances. Visit our contact page to schedule your intake session or inquire further about services.

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Group Therapy at Stars Counseling is focused on women and girls of color, knowing that healing comes from peer support not therapist dependence. Groups which focus on building strong connections and utilizing internal strengths give women and girls a strong message that they are not alone. Dr. Kelly's groups are founded on Womanist principals which explore the specific needs of women and girls of color and considers the intersection of race and gender, especially when surviving trauma. Please feel free to contact Dr. Kelly for more information. 

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Diverse professional environments can be hostile in spite of efforts to provide training for staff and leadership. Diversity-based training often excludes "uncomfortable" conversations about racism in the workplace and can fail to provide follow-up care as agencies and companies strive to apply what they learn. Dr. Kelly knows that learning is life-long and that there are often needs that reach beyond the confines of workshops. Therefore, Dr. Kelly provides a consultation model that includes ongoing care for work teams as they tackle the difficult task of shifting work environments to safer places for employees of color to pursue their professional lives.

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